Friday, September 2, 2011

World Youth Day Madrid, Spain 2011

The numbers are finally in!  World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain hosted over 2 million people with the majority of them being the youth of our world!    This was the third most attended WYD with 193 nations represented.  Italy, Spain and France had the most participants.  How proud Our Blessed Virgin Mary must have been to witness such love and devotion to her son!

I ask you, why wasn't this headline news?  2 million Catholics gather to celebrate and worship Jesus Christ and it's barely newsworthy here in America.  I think it's absolutely incredible that so many young people from around the world love Jesus.  It warms my heart and brings me to tears.  It also gives me hope for the future of our world!

God Bless,


  1. Wow. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not much mention in the news in the UK either.

    Thanx Noreen.

    God bless.

  3. I know! It was a truly incredible gathering of young Catholics who love Jesus and should have had the world's attention. They were all surely blessed and I pray they return to their native homes to spread the Good News!