Thursday, September 8, 2011

When Christianity becomes a discussion.

A few friends were discussing religion and the conversation turned to whether animals go to Heaven.

Some thought this unlikely since animals have no souls; others believed they’ll meet their pets in Heaven.

This set me thinking.

Which animals in particular would go to Heaven? The good ones? Whilst the bad ones are destined for hell.

Are there bad animals? Do they think, plot and plan like humans, or are they slaves to their own instincts? Can they possibly sin?

Would all animals go to Heaven? Including the cows, pigs, sheep and chickens we kill to eat?

I would hate to come face to face with my Sunday roast admonishing me for what I have done.

What about the mosquito I killed in the garden this morning? Will it haunt me for eternity?

And all those fishes caught by Peter and the disciples when asked to cast their nets in the lake by Jesus. Will they be there too?

The point I’m trying to make here is that religion relies on Faith. When Christians engage in debate such as this not only do they risk confusing themselves, but they also risk confusing those who are new in their walk with the Lord.

I really don’t know whether my beloved Max will greet me in Heaven wagging his tail. In the meantime, I try to steer clear from such hypothetical discussions.


  1. I look on all creation as a gift from God over which man has dominion (Genesis). We are the stewards but God is the owner. So I leave it in God's hands as to what He does with what is His. Yes, my human heart would like to see my dogs when I get to heaven, but more than that I want to see God. He alone is enough for my happiness. Anything else is icing on the cake.

  2. I've heard this same type of conversation as well many times! I like how Barbara has responded and I wish I could be as faithful that God is enough but I do really hope that since He gave me my dogs while on earth, that He would allow me to see them again in Heaven.

  3. Maybe we should become vegetarians and go ahead and let the mosquitoes feast on us just in case?
    Barb's answer is beautiful. Still, I wouldn't be against a little icing on my cake :)

  4. Good food for thought Victor. I often ponder this.
    Amen Barbara!

  5. Well said, Victor! Your post is so entertaining it might keep the discussion going, rather than squash it. I'm afraid your writing is so good my imagination can't help but go off on a tangent!

  6. Hi everyone ...

    No ... I disagree with Mary about becoming vegetarian. Especially brocolli ...

    But ... I've come up with a cunning plan ... Whenever I eat a Sunday roast I make a little mark on the edge with my indelible ink pen ... so should I come face to face with some animal or other in Heaven I could check if it's the one I've eaten.

    Then if it is ... I'd run to St Peter and ask him to explain himself to the animals. After all, it was he who had that dream and told us all to eat meat. Let's blame it on him.

    God bless.

  7. By the way ... that is my dog in the photo.

    I've taught him to pray for me!

  8. Barb's answer is beautiful and I agree. The thing to remember is, we will be happy in heaven. There will be no sadness. No tears.

  9. This was quite funny.. and I think we all got the point1 You are so right Victor, we do run the risk of contradicting the church's doctrines as well. I consoled my young children with the thought that they'll see their deceased pet in heaven (they're too young to understand why their beloved pets don't belong there) but essentially.. none of us knows what Heaven will be like so I guess there's no harm in envisioning it like the Garden of Eden.

    I also like Barb's answer :)

  10. Thank you Colleen and Lisa Maria for joining in the discussion.

    I've just had another thought ... (that's my quota done for the week).

    Will we be able to go hunting and fishing when we're in Heaven? I just love fishing ... especially picking up a lovely fresh salmon from the freezer counter at the supermarket.

    And if we were to go fishing, and hunting, and raising cattle and sheep, and eating them for Sunday roast ... would we start the whole process all over again?

    And if I were to see all the dogs I've had in my lifetime, all waiting for me in Heaven ... just think how much it'll cost me in dog food and biscuits !!!

    My brain hurts ...

    God bless.

  11. Again you leave me laughing on an otherwise solemn day here in the US. Much needed, thank you.

    And while I like your idea about marking the roast ... you are on your own as far as blaming St Paul! I'll need him on my side when God calls me!

  12. You have to check out this link to series of church signs. I found out afterwards it is a hoax, but it is relevant to the topic of this discussion. Yes, there is a website where you can create our own church signs. We must be very close to having a website for everything!

    here is the address:

  13. Hi Michael and Colleen ID,

    I did check the website you mention ... great Catholic humor.

    It's good to laugh.

    God bless.