Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Formula for Prayer

Praise God.

Adore God.

Acknowledge Him as your Creator.

Thank God.

Love God.

Talk to God.

Rest in the presence of God.

Sing to God.

Love God.

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Celibacy of priests


Friday, January 16, 2015

Meditation on a Crucifix

I see the tree cradling Your Body as You are delivered from its wood.  Oh, Blessed Tree to be blessed to hold Our Savior's body!  Shreds of flesh and blood absorbed in its fibers; deep, thunderous stains of heaven in the wood.  Iron nails, hardened and tempered in the fire, by the metal smith who pounded them, not knowing the nails would  be blessed to hold You prisoner on the Cross.  Blood stained, the nails are cast off to the side.  The crown, the crown You wore on the cross, the crown saturated with the storm of blood, hair, and flesh ripped from Your skull lays next to the nails.  King of the Jews!  King of All!

Your Mother holds Your body and weeps in silence.   Her tears clean your face.  The storm is silent and past.  Your Mother gently wipes Your Sacred Contenance with her veil.  She carries Your Blood in her heart and on her hands.  Angels surround You both.  They worship and adore their Lord.  They give strength to Your Mother, the first Tabernacle of Your Body.  Her faith is tested as she holds You,  her divine Son, in her arms. Cold flesh. Blue flesh. No breath in Your Body.  Eyes that no longer see.  Hands that no longer heal.  Feet that no longer walk.  Lips that no long sing the blessings of the Father.  A heart that is still and a heart that is shattered.  The sorrow cannot be contained.  The world weeps with Your Mother.

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