Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forever Yours

As I rise to face the challenges of this day, O Lord;

My heart is filled with joy, for I am aware of your constant presence within me,

Always gentle, always leading onward.

You want so much for me; you have so much to teach me.

And I am like an eager student; I want so much to learn your ways,

To follow the course you have prepared for me.

Please accept all my thoughts, words and deeds this day, as a small sign of my love for you. May I have the wisdom to see your hand at work in and through all circumstances, transforming my perspective. And in all my trials, may I rejoice with a trusting heart knowing that you are by my side.



  1. DG,
    This is so beautiful. I will join you in this prayer. "To follow the course you have prepared for me." This line reminded me of what I read of the angels for today's feast and how they guide us along that way that has been prepared for us.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection.
    God bless.

  2. Hi DG, that is a beautiful prayer. Did you write it? It's a good reminder that God has a course planned for me and I need to stay focused on that instead of steering my own course.

  3. Thank you Karinann,

    It's not always easy to follow the course prepared, but with the good Lord's grace and our yes, we can do it!

    I loved your reflection on the angels today...beautiful!

    Noreen, I am glad you liked it. Yes, I did write it.

    God bless!

  4. That is a beautiful picture of Our Lady and a beautiful prayer.

  5. This is a beautiful Morning Offering. Thank you!