Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Old, Contemporary Prayer

O Jesus, supreme Goodness, I ask You to give me a heart so enamored of You that nothing on earth can distract it…a free heart, never seduced or enslaved, an upright heart which never goes astray. - St. Thomas Aquinas

Is it not wonderful that an 800 year old prayer is so fresh and real? The human condition never changes. We still need today what St. Thomas asked for so long ago, do we not?


  1. I love how Aquinas can be one of the greatest minds and theologians our Church has known and still can give us this simple and beautiful prayer. Thanks for sharing it here.

  2. I think God loves simplicity. For all his erudition, St. Thomas really knew the simplicity of a relationship with God. All those hours he spent in adoration helped him and us to love God more. Are we not fortunate to have him as a teacher even today?

  3. We sure do! This prayer is beautiful!