Friday, June 17, 2011

To My Dominican God-daughter: Way to Glow

The saints and mystics had a name
For that deep inwardness of flame,
The height or depth or ground or goal
Which is God's dwelling in the soul.

All day and when you wake at night,
Think of that place of living light,
Yours and within you and aglow
Where only God and you can go.

None can assail you in that place
Save your own evil, routing grace.
Not even angels see or hear,
Nor the dark spirits, prowling near.

But there are days when watching eyes
Could guess that you hold Paradise.
Sometimes the shining overflows
And everyone around you knows.

by Jessica Powers (1953)


  1. Welcome to the Community ThereseRita.

    God bless.

  2. Dominicans rock!!! They have such a rich history and great stars like St. Thomas Aquinas. It's great you have a goddaughter who's a Dominican.

  3. So fabulous!!!!"Where only God and you can go."...loving this line!!! Thank you.

  4. Such rich and beautiful words. Thanks for sharing and welcome!

  5. I love this Therese! I am a huge poetry fan and this one was lovely! May God bless your God-daughter! Welcome aboard!