Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easier With Jesus And Each Other

The title of this blog begins with community. It has been said that we were created to live in relationship. I went back in the archives of my own blog to see if I had written anything on community. I haven't thus far, but I did come across a post that spoke about everything being easier with Jesus.
For much of my life I felt that I had to do everything on my own; I didn't need God or anyone else. It was only in my return to my faith that I saw how wrong this mindset was. As I grew and continue to grow in my faith, I see more and more that I am completely dependent on God. Not only do I need Him, but I need others at times as well.
Everything is easier with Jesus. Putting my faith and trust in Him for everything brings great freedom. Sometimes though, He sends us certain people who we can trust. We need to go to those trusted friends or family when we need help. Asking for help is not something I have been very good at. I have gotten better since by return to God, but I still fight the temptation to try and go it alone. That's false humility and it doesn't please God.
Through prayer and discernment we can better see those times when we need to do something on our own, and those times when we need to ask for help. But even in those things we may need to do ourselves, we are not alone; God is there to guide.
We are made for relationship, for community~ here on this earth, but it extends past earth heavenward. We have our spiritual friends in the Communion of Saints to pray for us and with us.
God knows what and who we need in order to live the abundant life He came to bring each of us; we just need to ask His help.
The original post that spurred this one is titled Everything Is Easier With Jesus.


  1. Karin,
    Great post. I have often tried to do things alone too, only to find myself stumbling over my own feet. I realize more and more each day my dependancy on God...and I like it this way :)

  2. "We are made for relationship, for community ~ here on this earth....". I love this Karinann. And, you are so right that Everything is Easier With Jesus!

  3. Great post. Something to bear in mind as we go along our road and perhaps stumble every now and then.

    God bless.

  4. Your post brings a question to mind - Americans have prided themselves on "rugged individualism" where we accomplish things in the world through developing our talents and making the right connections. The leaders who have done the best for others in the secular sphere have always been independent thinkers who saw a really big picture and were able to inspire others to follow. While all this is admirable, is it also not a downfall or source of pride? Does it not invite us to depend on ourselves rather than God?

    It took me many years to wake up to the fact that depending on God is essential to anything I accomplish. As I age, I can see that the greatest lesson I have to learn is to trust in Him, follow Him, let Him lead me. I can't be in the driver's seat. Thinking I ever was has been pure foolishness.

    And I totally agree that God sends us people He wants us to trust to work with us and help us. It just takes considerable discernment to know who they are. For that, praise the Lord, we have the Holy Spirit.

  5. Thanks Colleen and glad to see you have joined us here.

    Barbara- very good point. I have learned this same lesson the hard way. The "rugged individualism" you mention is a slippery slope. It may sound good on the surface but in the end usually leads to falling flat on our faces. We need God; when society realizes that, the world will begin to change.