Friday, June 24, 2011

Are you following?

Are you following me?

The beauty of the English language is that you can get different meanings from the same words.

The phrase above can quite literally mean: Are you walking a few steps behind me everywhere I go?

Or it could mean: Do you understand what I am saying? Are you following the meaning of my discussion?

Or in Blog terms it could mean: Do you follow a Blog? Are you pinged every time there’s a new post?

Hey – I’ve just learnt something new.

Apparently “pinging” is when the computer tells a reader that someone has added a new post to their Blog.

So the followers you can see on the right of this Blog get pinged every time someone writes here. (Sounds painful). So thanks to all of you for undergoing such pain every time we write!

Thanks also to other readers whether you visit once or regularly.

Back to the essence of today’s Blog.

What would it mean to you if I changed the opening sentence to: Are you following Jesus?

Are you (and I) physically daily in our lives following Jesus in everything that He said and has asked of us?

Do we follow Jesus in that we understand who He is, what He said, and what He came on earth to do?

Two thousand years after He walked this earth there is still confusion and controversy about Jesus. Who He is, and what He meant when He said what He said, and did what He did.

Do we really follow His meaning? Do we understand Him? Do we get pinged every time He speaks now, today, in this very day and age? For, make no mistakes about it, He does speak to us today – but perhaps not many are listening.

So there you have it: What does “Are you following Jesus?” really mean to you (and me)?

Now there’s a thought!


  1. Hey, I just learned something new too. I never heard of "pinging". Bet this doesn't surprise you ;)

    It's all about following Jesus. If we follow Him we bring others to safety, too. To be honest, our only two jobs here on earth are to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbor as ourself - sounds so simple doesn't it? We know it isn't though ...which is why we must follow the Good Shepherd. He will keep our feet on the right path :)

  2. Hey, I never heard the term "pinged" before either!!

    Wonderful, wonderful Victor!

  3. I believe it means having the Cross in sight.

  4. Yeh ... pinging does exist. I checked "Ping Blogging" on Wikipedia and didn't understand a word. So I got someone to explain it to me.

    Apparently, if you follow a Blog you get a short message by Blogger every time that Blog has a new post.

    Also, God does ping people very often. Sadly, most are switched off to His wavelength so they don't get the message.

    God bless.

  5. I shall be listening more closely for God's 'pings' from now on. Thanks for this post, Victor.

  6. Thanx Sue.

    I pray and wish many people pay attention to His "pings".

    God bless.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed you post Victor. Being somewhat of a techie-gadget girl … the idea of being pinged by God or Jesus seems so appropriate. You’re brilliant! Thanks for writing, posting, and causing me to ponder.

    I see someone updated the photo of the blog button here on your site(the words are bigger), so, I updated the one with the text-box below to the new photo. If you need help installing the button with the code/text-box underneath I'd be happy to do it for your wonderful Community blog. Just say the word, and I'm on it. It's up to you, of course.

    Many blessings...

  8. Hi Holly,

    I'm so pleased you enjoyed my post.

    Now a confession: I did not understand a word you said about blog buttons. When I was at school we used parchment paper and quills - so computers are new contraptions to me. I'll ask a friend of mine to translate what you said.

    We do have a button on the side, but it connects to nowhere because readers are already here. It's the button on "their" blogs which we'd like to connect to here.

    In any case, Mary333 is the boss. She runs this site and I suggest you contact her or Karinnan (also a boss) and point them to your comment and suggestion here. You can find both Mary333 and Karinann by clicking on their names on the right.

    Thank you Holly and God bless.

  9. Great post. Thanks. God bless.

  10. Thank you Colleen.

    God bless you too.

  11. In a nutshell: The button on your sidebar here is great. What I've noticed is that some of the other places I visited have your button installed and they are going (in your words)to nowhere. I'm guessing because the button here doesn't have anything to really grab. So, you end up with people putting the picture on their blog, but it's not linked to anything.

    I made a button that has the grab-able (I think I made that word up)text below it. You can see what I made for your blog here: Now, realize I'm no expert. I've only taken what someone did for me and inserted all your information. I've done it for a few other people and myself, and it seems to do the trick. Anyway, it's available to be put here on your blog, or your authors blogs if anyone wants it. But they need the code. I've updated the code from the first one I emailed out. If anyone wants it ... they can let me know and I'll send it to them. My motives are simple. This is a great blog and I'd like to see as many people find it as possible.

    I never was very good at nutshells~ too wordy!

    Hope that helps!

  12. Thanx Holly for taking the time to explain things to me. Mary333 and Karinann, I know, are talking with some computer person to get our button to do as you say. No doubt any of our readers or authors who wish this done to their Blogs will also contact you.

    I'll visit your Blog soon. Thanx for your comment about this Community Blog. Have you thought about writing a little article about us on your Blog.

    Also, most important, we would greatly appreciate your prayers.

    Thank you Holly and God bless.