Friday, June 17, 2011


The preacher was telling the congregation about the evils of drink. “To drink is to follow satan. Drink is bad for you. It will lead you to damnation”.

To demonstrate his point he put two glasses on the pulpit. One contained water and one contained whisky. He then produced a small box containing two worms which he had dug from the garden before the service began.

He placed a worm in the glass of water and it floated about merrily. He then put the second worm in the glass of whisky and after wriggling for a few seconds it died.

“What does this tell you?” he asked.

A member of the congregation replied, “If you have worms drink whisky”.

There’s a message in this joke for us Christians. How often, whilst well-meaning, we try to tell others about our beliefs and end up confusing them and perhaps, un-wittingly, driving them away from God rather than towards Him.

It is worth remembering that not everyone is at the same stage of knowing God as perhaps we are.

You wouldn’t feed a new-born baby pizza or French fries; would you? So let’s go easy with new Christians or people who have yet to know the Lord as we do.

The best way to teach Christianity is by living it as Jesus would want us to.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” St Francis of Assisi.


  1. Excellent point Victor. And let's add the toppings to the pizza slowly. Which actually makes me think of another point related to your topic- not everyone likes the same things on their pizza, so let's also go easy on our fellow Catholics who choose to follow a different rite or choose to go to traditional Latin or Novus Ordo Mass. God has tremendous patience with us; we need to have it with each other. (Mary actually wrote a few posts related to this on her blog)
    Thanks and God bless.

  2. Perfect message Victor!I love your analogy!

    God bless

  3. I love your message here, Victor! Yes, we sooo need to go easy and be patient. I love your quote by St. Francis - he knew that we must first lead by example. God bless you, Victor!

  4. Thank you all.

    May God bless you always.

  5. I love this story. And you can't beat good whiskey. I think it helps kill germs, too.

    Of course, the lesson here is great, too. Maybe we can do better bringing others to God if we listen more.

  6. Thanx Barbara. Welcome to the Community.

    God bless.