Thursday, June 23, 2011

Knowing Me Knowing You.

There are moments in life when some of us get to “meet” God. We have a revelation within our very soul that God really exists.

For some, this happens in moments of great natural experiences. For example, they could be on a mountain somewhere surveying everything around them for miles and miles, or they could be beside a lake, or out at sea … and they suddenly “see” for the first time God in all His creative power and majesty. They come to realise in this situation of great beauty and immense vastness and peace that God did in fact create it all.

Others meet God through the Scriptures. They read the Bible and other Christian books and suddenly, or perhaps gradually, their eyes are opened and they “see” God for the first time. Somehow, the words which they are reading begin to have real meaning to them and they realize the true existence of their God and Master.

Some people meet God through sudden traumatic events in their lives. The “Road to Damascus” syndrome. One day they are happily (or so they think) leading their ordinary lives and then totally out of the blue something happens to change their perspective and view of life. An “AHA moment”, you might call it. They suddenly come to realise that God truly exists and they’d defend their belief and proclaim it for all to hear.

Certain individuals on the other hand are born “believers” – if there is such a thing. They are raised in a family where their parents believed and set a Christian example, as best they could. They sent their children to Church on Sunday, sent them to Religion classes and so on and, in time, these individuals in turn grew up as “believers” – just like their parents; as best they could. They may or may not have total conviction in their beliefs, but they do believe. Better than nothing, some would say!

Yes … there are certainly many ways how people get to “see” and “meet” God for the first time. And their first experience moulds and fashions their relationship with God.

As for me … I suppose I saw God through logic.

I recall at a very early age I came to realise that God does really exist. I reasoned that Someone, somewhere must have created all that is around us. It didn’t just happen.

As I grew older I also realised that it was not my logic which made me “see” Him, but it was God Himself who made me see what there was to see!

And this is what this Blog is all about I suppose.

A collection of people, calling themselves a Community, who, over a period of time they all came to “see” God in their own individual way. They all have a story to tell, no doubt. They all have one wish in their hearts. That whatever is written on these pages may one day, perhaps, God willing, lead someone somewhere to “see” God for the first time.

Please pray for all contributors and guest writers on this Blog.

Please spend time visiting us every now and then, and leave a comment, a word of encouragement perhaps, or share your experience.

And please tell others about us. By word of mouth, through your own Blogs or websites, or whatever other means. Because through you, we will all work together to spread His Word as He has commanded us to do.

God bless.


  1. What a wonderful post, Victor!

  2. Oh Victor, this is just wonderful!

  3. Humorously, I would add a that I find myself in. How about people who were born into the faith with good parents who taught them well, but nevertheless they keep having to be hit upside the head every know and then to keep remembering how perfectly the Father loves them and how grateful they should remain every second of their lives that He sent His Son to die for them? :)

    Great post. It is indeed important to remember that we all came by different paths to arrive at the one true road.

  4. Hi Daily Grace and Credocatholic,

    Yes, we may all have come to God by different paths; and the important thing is to remain there.

    God bless.

  5. Thank you, Victor - this was an excellent post on the different means God uses to bring us to himself. I had an AHA moment, a biggie. Still, like Credocatholic I still need to be hit upside the head now and then :)

  6. Thank you Mary for your kind words.

    God bless you always.