Friday, December 16, 2011

Seven Days In Utopia

I don't go to the movies often, but when I do I love to watch the trailers for upcoming movies. The same is true when I rent a DVD. In one of the movies I received from Netflix recently I saw a trailer for this little gem called Seven days in Utopia. I put it on my list and received it last weekend. I was more than pleasantly surprised.
Seven Days in Utopia stars Robert Duvall and Lucas Black. Black's character, Luke Chisolm is a golf pro who has a meltdown on the course during his debut at a PGA tournament. While driving a country road he has a bit of a car wreck and ends up in the town of Utopia. Here he meets Duvall's character, Johnny Crawford. Crawford promises Chisolm that if he spends seven days in this little town, he will get his golf game back. What Chisolm never saw coming was that he would get more than his game back. Crawford would also teach him the importance of faith and relationships. Crawford also shows Chisolm how to bury the lies he has believed about himself and life, and how to reveal the truths. Crawford gives him three little letters:S,F,T~ See, Feel, Trust. This Chisolm will come to see applies to his golf game, his life, and his faith.
You don't need to be a golf fan to enjoy this movie, but of you are, it has its share of real life golf pros. Put this one on your to watch list; you will be glad you did. There are lessons we can all take from this one~golfer or not.
You can watch the trailer below for a sneak preview.


  1. This movie sounds good, Karinann! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Never understood golf. Hitting a ball into a hole with a stick must be the most inefficient way to carry out a simple task. Why not just put the ball in the hole as you walk around the field?

    The film sounds good, though!

    God bless.

  3. This sounds like a good movie to see. I don't go to theaters, but I'll look for it on TV or the internet when it's released. Thanks for the post.

  4. You are welcome Mary.
    Victor I don't get golf either, but its not about the golf.

    Barb, the movie is out available for DVD rental~ I got it from Netflix. Unfortunately, not sure if we will ever see it in regular TV.