Friday, December 30, 2011

Feast of the Holy Family

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family in the Catholic Church. Our perfect example of family living is Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Not much is written in the bible about Jesus' early years but I would imagine they were not so unlike other families of their time.  Spending time praying to God, working and running a small home.  I've no doubt they spent time praying as a family to worship and give thanks to God.  My priest said this morning that he believed even Jesus learned and grew in knowledge of God.   Instead of knowing as an infant, that He was the Son of God.  I would think that God gave this divine knowledge to him in His own perfect timing.   Here is an excerpt of Pope Benedict's address on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 regarding the example of Jesus, Mary and Joseph:

"The Holy Family is an icon of the domestic Church, which is called to pray together. The family is the first school of prayer where, from their infancy, children learn to perceive God thanks to the teaching and example of their parents. An authentically Christian education cannot neglect the experience of prayer. If we do not learn to pray in the family, it will be difficult to fill this gap later. I would, then, like to invite people to rediscover the beauty of praying together as a family, following the school of the Holy Family of Nazareth".


  1. Good post. Pity not many families stay together these days.

    God bless.

  2. I love to ponder the day-to-day life of the Holy Family. I am so thankful that I have many friends in my life who model Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in their own family lives. I am even more thankful that my children know these families, as well; thereby receiving such a beautiful example of The Domestic Church by which to base their own adult lives on someday...and even their lives NOW.
    Thanks for sharing this post on such a beautiful feast day Noreen!

  3. Great post Noreen - I often wonder how much Mary and Joseph taught Jesus during his childhood. No doubt they were great role models for him ... and us!

    God Bless