Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Color Me Catholic Review

The other day I blogged about a wonderful activity to teach children (or perhaps even big kids) about the Catholic Mass here and I wanted to share it with the readers of the Community of Catholic Bloggers too.  The Color Me Catholic kit is designed and created by Monica from Arma Dei and Equipping Catholic Families.  She graciously gave me one for free in exchange for a review of her product.

It has 10 mini-booklets that instructs the learner about Treasured Vessels, Vestments & Symbols, Church Furnishings, Parts of the Mass and Sacraments & Sacramentals.  Also included are the new phrases from the New Roman Missal. As the title indicates, the kit is downloaded from your computer in black and white and needs to be colored.  You then become the artist by choosing the range of colors to be used.  My son assisted me in the coloring of the mini-booklets and it's folder since he is the better one at matching colors!  Monica also has provided this tutorial on Youtube to help with the assembling of the books and is quick to respond to questions via email.  My printer does not have a double-sided setting, so, Monica instructed me on how to do it manually.  It took a bit more effort, but was easy enough to do.

This kit is small enough for little hands and simple enough for them to use.  I brought it to my first grade Religious Education class and my students became excited over it.  They loved the smallness of it and going through and trying to identify the pictures they knew.  They also began spontaneously quizzing each other to see who could name the pictures.  It was fun for them and I will be using it as an on-going instructional tool in my classroom.  I believe my 11 year old even learned a thing or two by reading through the mini-booklets!

Monica assists in the work of God... she helps to "equip the called" by creating colorful and simple activities and crafts for children.  I would highly recommend checking out her products at Arma Dei or her blog, Equipping Catholic Families.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I know, isn't it a great teaching tool!

  2. Thank you Noreen! I will have to go and check this out. I think our kids will love it!!