Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick Bytes #9: Change

"And all so with y .... I mean ... and with your spirit"

"And peace to His people on  ... wait ... what?"

"We believe wait ... I believe ..."

"Lord I am not worthy to receive you ... huh? That changed too? ...."

"And all so ... with your spirit ... ah I give up"

Praying that change brings us all closer to the Lord, as we focus more on what we are saying, and less on habit.

(And I hope your first Mass with the new translation went smoother than mine!)

God Bless you.


  1. My parish family seemed to have the most trouble with remembering to say "and with your spirit." But other than that, the 5:30pm Mass last night went fairly smoothly. I have been praying for our priests this week; they have more to change than we do.
    I agree, the changes help us to think more about what we are saying/praying.
    Thanks for another Quick Byte Michael. Have a blessed Advent!

  2. Thank you Michael. I hope your advent season is filled with the peace that we only can receive through Christ.

  3. Thanks for the quick byte! God bless!

  4. Michael,
    It's making me realize how much I pray by rote. Again this morning I kept saying "And also with you"!