Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Invitation to Come And Follow

I wrote this brief reflection as part of my Advent Reflections last year on the Feast of St Andrew. I thought I would reprint it here this year to commemorate the feast of this Apostle this year.

The Invitation
John the Baptist pointed Andrew in the direction of the Messiah. Andrew went, found Jesus and responded to His call and invitation to "Come and follow me."
We too have been called and invited by Jesus. How can we answer and accept this invitation? Andrew's acceptance led him to the cross, quite literally. Our acceptance will lead us there as well in the particular way Jesus has chosen for each of us.
Jesus came into this world to save us. His becoming a man sanctifies our humanity.
Let us ask St Andrew to intercede for us and help us to answer the call and invitation of Christ to Come and follow, just as he did.

Lord Jesus,
Through the intercession of St Andrew, may we have the courage to hear your call and accept your invitation to come and follow You. May we never be afraid to proclaim You no matter the cost. May our preparations this Advent draw us closer to You.


  1. Karin,
    Thanks for the Advent reflection. When I see how Andrew and the rest of the apostles laid down everything for Christ I am struck by their remarkable courage right up to the end, including a terrible death for almost all of them. I pray this prayer with you!

  2. Karin,

    This is wonderful reflection. It is so true that Jesus will lead us all in different ways to "come and follow".

    Today I read a reflection that also said that Andrew's first follower was Simon Peter, who ended up leading many others to come and follow too.

    I hope that one day it may be said by someone that I, too, helped lead someone along the way to "come and follow"!

    God bless.

  3. Hi Karin, than k you for the beautiful Advent reflection. Are you familiar with the Joyfilled Family Blog? Lena made a beautiful printable novena card that to download and print for free. There are 9 cards on one page. I printed it off on cardstock and then printed the prayer on the back of each picture. Plan to give it to my students this weekend.

  4. Thanks ladies. Glad you enjoyed the reflection.
    Noreen, I will pay a visit to the Joyfilled Family Blog.
    Advent Blessings to you all.