Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quick Bytes #6: Ordinary Things

Our priest repeated this phrase three times at mass on All Saints' Day:

"The Saints were people who did ordinary things in extraordinary ways."

It was almost like he was daring us to contemplate why we couldn't be one someday ...


  1. He was right to repeat it. It is something I think we often forget, but need to remember. The saints weren't born saints. They stumbled and fell just like we all do, but they always were humble enough to ask God's forgiveness and start over again. That's part of what made them and will make us saints.
    Thanks for the reminder Michael and God bless.

  2. Good point well made.

    Hmmm ... Me? A Saint? Really?

    I'm not worthy, Michael!

    God bless.

  3. The ones declared by the Church practiced extraordinary virtue in daily life. The ones who are saints but not declared by the Church still go to heaven because they faithfully, to the best of their ability, followed the teaching of Christ in daily life. Loved that your pastor said that.

  4. We are all called to holiness, something to be repeated!

  5. Karinann: good point. It's so easy to forget they made mistakes and were as human as we are.

    Victor: St. Victor ... Has a nice ring to it no?

    Barbara: You are right - let's not forget all those Saints who aren't declared by the church!

    DG: you are right!

    Colleen: thank you!

  6. I love these Quick Bytes, Michael! You always give us something to think about!