Monday, November 14, 2011

Quick Bytes #7: An Exercise

Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy.  (Mt 25:21)

1)  List your top 3 talents that our Lord has given you.  If you need help, ask someone close to you.

2)  Next to each talent, write one simple way you can use it to spread God's kingdom here on earth. 

3)  Take the first step to do each of those this week.

Remember, doing even the smallest thing is better than burying your gifts.

God Bless you.

P.S.  Is writing one of your gifts?  Become a guest blogger here! 


  1. Three talents: Sense of humor (or humour), I can cook, and ehm ... God please remind me of another talent!

    How do I sue these talents: I look at the mirror every morning and laugh. I cook and no one likes it except the dog. And ehmm I'm thankful to the Lord for all the talents He gave me and seek His help to use them better.

    God bless.

  2. You and I are on the same wavelength, Michael - this has been on my mind a lot today!

    Victor, you forgot about your writing gift :)

  3. Thanks Michael, this is a great way to live out the gospel! I need concrete practical guidance like this and I appreciate you! Thanks for your prayers, they are working :) Praying for you.