Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Comfort for the Tough Times

Have you ever experienced a time of trial/suffering/testing of faith that is so troubling, so worrisome, so difficult and grave that you cease to be able to pray?

You know you should, you wish you could...but, you can't? The words won't come. One of those times when we are told that the Holy Spirit understands the gutteral moanings of our soul?

Recently, I was reading the writings of Blessed Mother of Teresa of Calcutta. If you are familiar with her story, then you know that she experienced what amounts to 2 decades of "a dark night of the soul"...dryness...emptiness...loneliness...feeling as Our Lord did upon His cross when He cried out,
"My God! My God! Why have You abandoned me?!"

I was immensely comforted (and thus, wanted to share this post with you so as to offer that same comfort) to read Mother's beautiful sentiments.

She said, that in those times, when all feels dark and lonely...when prayers with or without words won't is then that JESUS goes before His Father, on bended knee, and prays FOR us.

Our sweet and loving Savior, does the praying that we CAN'T do.

This is not to say that He merely "prays for us" as in "Dear Father, please help Judy" in an intercessory way...


He DOES do that, of course.

But, what Mother Teresa was talking about is something MUCH MUCH deeper....much more profound...much more unfathomable....

Jesus prays FOR us...meaning He "does the praying" that we should be and want to be doing but can't.

I spent the week pondering this amazing gift.

Kind and gentle Jesus...prays to His father for me...AS me...when I am unable to pray.

This led me to think of other times...such as when a marriage is in crisis...when one wants to love the spouse, but can't...or when one desires SO MUCH to BE loved by the spouse, but isn't.

Surely, if Jesus prays to His Father in our too, does He LOVE OUR SPOUSE FOR US...when we are unable...and so, too, does He love US...when our spouse can not/will not.

The profound reality of these things is incomprehensible to me.

It means that there is NEVER and absence of prayer or love because for every person who ever lived, is living now, or will live...JESUS is praying for each when they can't and loving for each when they can't and loving each when they are unloved.

Mother Teresa's reflections overwhelmed me. Humbled me.

Comforted me beyond words.

May this also bring you, my brothers and sisters, in Christ, a bit of Lenten Comfort.


  1. Judy,
    I love this and thank you for sharing Bl. Mother Teresa's thoughts. The image of Our Lord before His Father on bended knee for us and as us is extremely comforting and humbling. This reminded me as to why we pray to the father through Jesus and in His name. Our prayers, even when they do come, can never be perfect this side of heaven, but Jesus will perfect them for us as He goes before His Father.
    Thanks again and God bless.

  2. I love reading writings from Mother Teresa. She was an amazing women and if anyone understood the heart of Jesus, she did. I have so far in my life never experienced the inability to pray but I imagine it would be a scary feeling so I know many people will find comfort in your blog. Knowing that God doesn't judge them and Jesus yet again comes to our aid. God bless.

  3. Going through one of those very difficult times where I do not feel love from my spouse. I feel I am in a "dark" place in my heart, and I am just living day-to-day hoping that someone or some thing will lead me to answers and a place of happiness again.

  4. Karinann, you are so right...we are only perfected through CHRIST. Thank you for that reminder:)

    Jeanette, what a blessing to never have known what it's like not to be able to pray.

    Abbey, I am so very sorry that your marriage is hurting right now. I will keep you in my prayers. There is truly an ebb and flow to married life...and sometimes...those waters collide...try to keep giving 100% even if your husband is incapable of giving at this time. In fact, in the book I wrote, "I Surrender", I have a whole chapter devoted to marriage and part of it deals with what you are currently experiencing. I would be happy to send you a copy of my book (at no charge) if you would like to read it. Just email me and let me know! In the mean time...Christi's promise to you in Matrimony is true and He will not forsake you...try to trust in Him through this dark time. Keep praying, keep loving, and wait on the Lord.

  5. Judy, great post. A similar thing - When I was struggling to forgive my father, a priest told me that I just needed to ask Jesus to forgive for me and He would. And I know He did.
    Praying for Abbey.

    1. Colleen, that is one of the most astounding/awesome/remarkable/amazing things I have ever read.

  6. Beautiful reflection and post, Judy. Thank you for sharing Mother Teresa's words with us. They are comforting. Just the words, "Our sweet and loving Savior" are very comforting.

    Abbey, I've been there and think the Holy Spirit was touching and coming through Judy's written words as it is in marital hurt that I experience not being able to run to pray as I normally would because even though there might not be perceivable trauma to those outside, it feels like that inside. The Lord will bring you through. I have found such tremendous grace through praying the rosary, and asking Our Mother Mary to pray for my husband and me. There is also a great website you might want to check out: I actually was able to set up a few skype counseling sessions with Dr. Fitzgibbons who you'll see on the site's videos.

  7. The minute I read this I said, "Oh, Judy! I can so relate!"
    This has happened to me a number of times and your words, and Blessed Mother Teresa's, are very consoling. Thank you for this beautiful post.