Sunday, July 24, 2011


Over a short period that this Blog has been in existance we've now managed to reach 50 posts already.

Praise the Lord that our first faltering steps into this new venture have, so far, proved successful. Long may we continue, God willing.

I've been thinking how we can improve our humble offerings further. Here are some thoughts:

1  Each one of us can encourage more readers by mentioning this Blog on our own personal Blogs every now and then. Perhaps a special posting or a mention about something we've contributed here or that someone else has contributed.

2  We can also encourage our personal readers to carry our Community Badge on their Blogs with a link to us.

3  When commenting on other peoples' Blogs we could perhaps, tactfully and politely, mention the Community Blog and encourage visitors here.

4  We can help each other by not crowding each other. By this I mean let us not post several contributions on the same day; but hold back when someone else has already contributed on a particular day. We can do this by checking for any already sheduled posts to be published on a certain day. By posting only one contribution a day we don't crowd our followers with too many posts together then nothing for a few days.

Also, some directories, (like one we've joined in the UK), feature each of our posts as they appear here - including any pictures we may post, in order to attract and direct readers to us. If several of us post on the same day the directory may feature each contribution for a short time only.

5  I hesitate with my next suggestion because it requires work. And here may I publicly thank Mary and Karinann for all the good work they have done to start this Blog and maintain it.

Some Blogs, like Karinann's, have a feature on top of the page where you can click and link to various hidden pages. Should we have such a feature entitled "Meet the Authors" where each one of us writes a short resume of who we are?

Anyway, enough for now. My brain can only handle five items at a time and I've mentioned them above. Further contributions from anyone are welcome.

Meantime, Congratulations everyone on reaching 50 and may God bless us all and our endeavours.


  1. Victor,
    I will join you in thanking and praising God for allowing this blog to grow as it has. Thanks to Mary for her courage and perseverance in getting it started.A Meet the might be a nice touch but I will leave that up to our fearless foundress :)
    Thanks and welcome also to our 38 followers and faithful readers who have helped this blog to grow.
    May God continue this good work He has begun.

  2. Victor,
    The blog is coming along wonderfully and I thank God for it :) It's been a group effort and has run smoothly overall despite a few glitches here and there. Many thanks to all our contributors and followers and a special THANK YOU to Karinann who did all the hard work on setting up this blog and making it look beautiful. Thank you, also, Victor, for bringing this blog to life!
    I sent e-mails out a while back about trying to keep the posts to 1 per day if possible. Maybe I forgot to send them to everyone. I'm spacey lately :) (Did I really say lately? Always is the correct word.)
    Karin, I'll e-mail you. Are these the "stand alone pages" you mentioned a while back? We could do this if it's not hard.

    Wow! I can't believe we hit 50 posts already! I'm behind on everything - good thing everyone else has been on their toes. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a post up this week.

    God bless :)

  3. 50 posts! Great! I like all your ideas. Thank you to Karinann and Mary and Victor for all your hard work. God bless!

  4. Hello Karinann, Mary and Colleen,

    Praise the Lord this Blog is doing well.

    Sorry Karinann if I've created a lot of work for you with my suggestion to add a short resume of each author.

    God bless.