Monday, July 25, 2011

ALL Things

Romans 8:28 ~ We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according his purpose. (NAB St. Joseph Edition)

During his homily yesterday, my pastor offered a commentary regarding this passage that was a true "epiphany" for me.

Often, I think this passage is misinterpreted to mean that "good things happen to us when we love God".

Some relate this verse to "All things happen for a reason".

What my pastor stressed, in sharing his thoughts, and what I had NOT paid much attention to before now, is the word "ALL".  "We know that ALL things..."

"This means", said my pastor, "the joys AND the sufferings...the good times AND the trials....the feel-good days AND the sorrows and challenges....ALL things work together for good".

Perhaps it's just me, small, imperfect, finite, and not always the sharpest tack in the tool shed...but I had never considered it quite that way.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It goes right along with the "Redemptive Suffering" that we discussed last week on this blog.

ALL things work for good for those who love God.

Without Christ, without His Sacrifice, without His Redeeming Grace, our bad days are just that: BAD DAYS.

But Romans 8:28 offers a whole new outlook on that, doesn't it?

Trusting in God's Word means that even our "bad days" are, for those of us who love God, "good days".

Each challenge, each trial, each sorrow, each test, each suffering, is working WITH each joy, each success, each adventure, each happy moment, and each celebration...ALL for the GOOD.

I hope this thought brings you comfort, as it did me.


  1. Yes, this brings comfort. Thank you. I am especially glad it comforted you.

  2. This fits right in with how I view my life. God always gives us what we need, not necessarily what we ask for. I've been hanging on to that idea to cope with numerous adversities.

  3. Judy,
    I, too, am struck by the words "all things" in this passage. These words always bring me comfort during hard times. Today, I not only attended a funeral but I also spoke to a friend whose son broke his neck in a diving accident last week. She sobbed throughout the entire conversation but she also repeated over and over about God and her faith in Him. I felt both crushed inside because I love her dearly and she is suffering so deeply and amazed at the same time at her faith and trust in God.

    Today was a good day to read this, Judy. Thank you.

  4. Colleen, you're such a dear friend:)

    Barb, I am glad that the Lord provides "hope" for you in the form of His Word!

    Mary~ That is so tragic.I pray for the continued comfort of your friend as she helps her son. I suppose that is one of the beautiful mysteries of our Faith...that (like St Paul said) we have the ability to suffer and experience JOY simultaneously. Somehow, the two are so intimately joined that one without the other would not be complete. God bless you AND your friends.

  5. Hi Judy, your post is a great reminder that "ALL things work for the good of God." And we are to praise and glorify Him in the joys and the sufferings, the good times and the trials...etc. I often fall short at praising and glorifying him during my struggles. Something I need to work on! Blessing!