Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is Our Camino Really Over? 12 Ways to Continue Your Walk with Our King

Yes, Lent has ended.  Jesus, our brother and Savior, has risen from the grave.  He defeated satan and death.  He came that we might be saved.  We now look forward to Pentecost.

Is our Camino finished?

If the goal of walking a camino is to grow closer to God, then, our camino will never be over. So, what must we do next?  Here are 12 easy ways to continue our walk.

1) Let us strive to be saints, not sinners.

2)  Although grateful for the gift of Purgatory, let our goal be heaven not purgatory.

3) Let us set the example and preach the Gospel daily, and, if necessary, "use words."

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  1. Thanks for the post Rosebud - it is always hard to avoid the letdown after such a glorious Easter, but these help!

    God Bless.