Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick Bytes #65: Get Out

"We cannot keep ourselves shut up in parishes, in our communities
when so many people are waiting for the Gospel!"
                          - Pope Francis to 1,000 bishops in Brazil

The same holds true for us.

While our parishes and communities are wonderful, the only
way to expand God's kingdom here on earth is to spread the
Gospel - in both word and deed - outside that comfort zone.

So let's get out and do that - physically or virtually.


  1. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

    And if we can't do it physically we can virtually through our Blogs and websites. Blogging regularly keeps our sites fresh and encourage return visits. We never know who might visit us without leaving a comment. And to many, our Blogs may well be the first time they hear/read about Christ.

    God bless you Michael for all your hard work and wisdom.

  2. Thanks Michael. I agree with Victor too.