Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jesus? Never heard of Him?

I was watching a quiz show on TV. I remember reading somewhere that on quiz shows they always make the questions rather easy so that the viewers at home can feel good when they get a question right; also it is much more entertaining as a show, especially if the contestant gets the answer wrong and you got it right. High-brow type quiz programs are educational of course, but they get much fewer audiences. There's no point in asking a contestant to name the 92 elements in as many seconds. Not many viewers would watch that show or be able to take part at home.

Anyway ... there I was watching this low-brow almost elementary quiz show and the question was: "Who did the three wise men from the East came to Bethlehem to worship?"

The contestant thought for a while and then said; "Moses".

On another occasion, days earlier, on a different show, the questioner gave three possible answers - two were obscure Saints that I'll admit I had not heard of, and the third was Saint Peter. The question was: "Who out of these three Saints is said to hold the keys to Heaven and was a loyal follower of Christ.?"

The contestant chose one of the other Saints.

Now then ... this is a Christian website and its contributors also manage their own Christian websites. This is good.

It is good because we do not know, unless we have sophisticated software, who visits our websites without leaving a comment. People from all over the world could be visiting us either deliberately or by accident (God-incident) when they enter certain words on a search engine. And for many, when they visit us, it could very well be that this is the first time they have ever heard of Christ.

We must not assume that every one out there has heard of God or Christ or all the truths we have come to learn in our walk with Him.

There are many people out there for whom the only contact with Our Lord may be our Blogs.

"Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples." Matthew 28:19


  1. Excellent point for the digital age Victor. God bless you for your posts here and on your main blog. Surely you have helped many.

    P.S. I was shaking my head in stunned disbelief at the answers on your quiz show!

  2. Thanx Michael for your kindness.

    Sadly, here in the UK there's often evidence of the lack of knowledge about Christianity. Overheard at a jeweller's store when two youngsters were deciding on which necklace to buy: "I like the one with the Cross and the little man on it! Not the one without the man."

    God bless.