Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quick Bytes #38: Choices

"Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor 
and you will have treasure in Heaven; 
then come, follow me."

Notice how Jesus did not make that rich man
sell his belongings.

Nor did Our Savior force the man to follow Him.

He gave him the choice.

Just as God gives us a choice every day.

To do something good.  Or not.

To help the poor.  Or not.

To do something ... anything ... to promote the Word.  Or not.

To break out of the rut we all get in ... the one where we spend too much
time focusing on the insignificance of this world.  Or not.

To follow Him.  Or not.

Yes, God has laid out the plan.  But the choice is ours.

Every minute of every day.


  1. He gave us free will to choose ... or not.

    God bless you, Michael.

  2. Thank God for our free will! I liked you post Michael. I also wrote about today's Gospel in my blog post, "Material Girl."
    Our life as followers of Jesus calls for us to constantly choose , not easy.

  3. Hi Michael, good reminder for us all. He only wants us "to want" to follow Him, or else it's meaningless.

  4. Victor, Carolee, Noreen and Colleen: thank you very much for your comments and kind words.

    God Bless.