Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lone Voice Syndrome

John the Baptist preached in the desert and ate locusts and honey.

I wonder how many people listened to what he had to say in the hot desert. Let's face it, it's not exactly the center of the universe with crowds from all over the world mingling and shopping and gathering to hear a man dressed in camel hair. Apart from the odd geko, snake or scorpion who was there to listen to John?

He would have done much better at the city mall or the town center or church than wander in a hot desert with no umbrella or ice cream to keep him cool.

But yet ... he did have his successes paving the way for the arrival of Christ, and he did baptise quite a few people too.

How about us Bloggers?

Some of us Blog every day or so, others Blog less often and perhaps eagerly we check whether any one has commented, or we look at the statistics to see how popular, or not, our posts are.

We may well feel that each of our Blogs is a lone voice in the vast expanse which is the World Wide Web.

And perhaps this is so ...

But yet ... we never know who might be visiting us on this World Wide Web and to them, perhaps, our post is the first time they have read about Christ. Despite our advanced technology in the 21st Century there are still plenty of people who have not heard or learnt about God, and His only Son. Even in the so-called civilised world there are many who view God as a myth, a human invention, or someone in whom it is fashionable not to believe.

Our individual Blogs are important as lone voices in the wilderness witnessing for Him. One light, shining in the darkness created by the evil one in order to lead us astray.

One Blog is important. Many Blogs, working together, shine brighter throughout the world.

Every Christian Blog started should continue to shine for as long as possible.

Each post can spread more light if reflected elsewhere. Either here on this Community, or linked with/to other Christian Blogs or websites.

If, in our travels, we read a good Blog we can reflect it further by linking the post on our own Blogs. That way the readers of the original Blog and our own readers will have benefitted from the message on the post.

On a day when we have nothing to say on our Blog, and are not inspired to write; why not link to someone else's Blog post instead? That way, we have kept our Blog fresh and up-dated and we have aimed a mirror on someone else's light to shine brighter in the darkness.

John the Baptist did what he did without the aid of Blogger, Facebook or other modern technologies at our disposal.

So how much easier should it be for us to spread the Word with all the fancy contraptions we have today?

And you don't have to eat locusts to do it!


  1. Amen, Victor! Thanks.

    God bless!

  2. Victor, I often think about this very same thing.

    God Bless you - I know your posts help many folks across the world.

  3. Thanx Michael. Much appreciated.

    God bless.