Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In God's Scales

These snow crystals are all unique, just like us. Each is beautiful in its own way, just like us. I chose snow crystals, photographed by a Caltech scientist studying crystal formation, to illustrate this short piece because they are special, just like us. Click on the image to connect to the Caltech site where you can see many more of these and learn a lot more about this stamp of God on our earth.

From chapter 2 of the Holy Rule of St. Benedict:
There is no respect of persons with God (Eph. 6:9). Only for one reason are we distinguished in His sight: namely, if we are found to be eminent in good works and in humility.
Father Placidus Kempf, O.S.B. comments:
St. Benedict reminds us that God makes no discrimination nor distinction: His tenderness goes out to those who resemble His Divine Son more, who are more deeply grafted into Him. There are manifold functions to be fulfilled in the great body of the Church, and they need various aptitudes. Hence it is our duty to make us fit for the place and the duties for which God has destined us.

It is just here where saint differs from saint, as star differs from star -- no two are alike. Each has brought his state of initial perfection (sanctifying grace) to a higher or more perfect state by means of the many actual graces with which he or she has cooperated. We are found to be more eminent in good works.

As we cannot judge of this interior perfection of our neighbor, we consider him at least our equal....The thought of the graces wasted in the past must make us thrifty with His gifts in the future and make them do double duty -- to make up for the past and to advance us in the present.


  1. I love the comparison of how no two snowflakes are alike as no two humans are alike. And God knows each and every one of us! I like the quote "it is our duty to make us fit for the place and the duties for which God has destined us."

  2. Noreen, it truly is amazing how God knows each of us. It's beyond my comprehension that His love is so great.