Monday, February 13, 2012

Christ Was

*This beautiful poem is posted by guest author, Isaac.

Christ was a simple man.
He traveled the countryside in a tattered cloak and worn out sandals.
His beard and hair grew long and rough.
He was a simple man, but He was also the Son of God.

Christ was the Son of God.
He was born of a holy mother, Mary, who submitted to the Will of God.
His earthly-father was the town carpenter who furnished the village with tables and chairs.
He was the Son of the Eternal God, and therefore, was destined to die.

Christ died for the sins of all men.
He died and gave His life in order that we may live, in the culmination of His earthly mission.
He hung on the cross in agony and pain amidst a world filled with suffering.
Christ died on the cross, but rose to life again.

Christ rose from the grave.
He triumphed over all sin and death, strife and pain.
He uprooted all evil by by His Resurrection for our sake.
Christ, the simple man, is the Savior of the human race.    


  1. Well done. It's almost like a creed... just add the "I believe" before each line.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments!

    God Bless