Thursday, January 12, 2012

A cry from the heart.

Father Francis Maple

This song by Father Francis has saved 20 babies from abortion.


Mommy keep me safe, mommy keep me warm

Handle me with care, mommy help me to form.

I am ten weeks old, and I know the time will come
when you will give birth to me.

The gift you gave to me are a pair of bright blue eyes
So some day I will see you smile and love me.

I've already got my arms and a little podgy nose,
And at the end of my feet I've got five little toes.

I look forward to my life, ice cream and slimy snails,
teddy bears and little fairy tales.

Going for walks in the park
Running home before it's dark.
And being tucked into bed with a kiss.

Where are we going today?
Am I in a boat or bus?

Why are we lying down?
Being drawn on four wheels?

And we go through the door
and there's people dressed in green.
Everything seems so strange and so clean.

Mommy if they hurt you just let out a scream
and I know someone will come to help you and me.

Mommy what's going on I am starting to cry
Come quickly they are forcing me to die.

They are killing me mommy, they are pulling me apart
My arms and my legs and now they're at my heart.

And I won't see the sky, or the grass or the trees.
and I won't see the moon, or feel the breeze.

I love you mommy dear, you know I really do
But I only wish you could have loved me too!

This pro-life song written by Father Francis Maple has saved at least 20 babies. Their mothers were considering abortion but changed their minds after hearing this song.


  1. Thank you Victor. The lyrics are both powerful and heartbreaking,difficult to think about, but necessary to think about.

  2. This song gives me shivers, Victor. It's very powerful. Imagine if everyone considering an abortion listened to this first?

  3. Wow Victor! This song is so poignant and heartbreaking! It brings back memories of Catholic School when they educated us on abortion. I still feel sick thinking about it. I wish this would go viral, I wonder how many more it would save! Thanks for sharing it...I hope you don't mind if I share this on my blog.

  4. Thanx everyone.

    Yes ... I hope this video goes viral. And all of you can help by featuring it on your Blogs. Thanx Lisa Maria for a great idea. Please also send it to friends and family by e-mail.

    God bless.

  5. Made my day! Just wonderful!

    Praying it helps save many more!

    God Bless.

  6. Made me cry Vic! All those little babies whose trust is in their mommies who have no choice to what is happening at this very tender vulnerable age. I've been going to one of our local abortion clinics to pray each week and it's heartbreaking to watch the pain, guilt and shame on the mommies who come out. Heartbreaking to witness it but someone has to stand up for life and pray for these moms and dads. I will certainly post it!

  7. Thank you Noreen for posting this song on your Blog. I wish and hope others would do the same too.

    May God bless you for all your good work for this cause.