Saturday, August 6, 2011

Holiness Surrounds Us

Holiness surrounds us.  Miracles abound, even today.  If only we had eyes to see.  Look around you.  Find holiness.  Be holiness.  I was reading a commentary that mentioned the holiness and miracles and I started to think about it.  When I approached my day that way, I saw them, the holiness that was all around me.  I felt the presence of God in my life.  I saw the miracles and I rejoiced in them.  If we believers aren't called to live our lives that way, how can we make a difference in the world.

Remeber this--holiness surrounds you, miracles happen everyday! Rejoice and be thankful!


  1. Mary,
    So true! I loved the "be holiness" - it's a reminder that we are all called to this. Miracles DO abound and with Colleen I say:

  2. Thank you for the reminder. It is easy to get distracted, and forget to look for Christ. I must remember that God comes in the whisper.