Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quick Bytes #56: Aim High

I desire to become a better Catholic.
I desire to find more time for God.
I desire to do more of His will each day.

Therese of Lisieux desired to be a Saint.

I feel like there is a lesson here ....


  1. Our focus should be on God first and foremost.

    May He bless you always, Michael.

  2. If only all Christians really desired to become a saint. And understood what that entailed!

  3. Thank you Victor and Noreen.

    It hit me pretty hard when I learned this. I dont think I ever aspired to be a Saint. Not because I didnt want to - but because I just didnt even think it applied to someone like me. So I aim for little things. Therese aimed for the top - and she hit it. There is a sports saying about you can only achieve the goals you set, and you should make your ceiling high, etc etc.

    I'm thinking I need to raise my ceiling!

    God Bless.

  4. I had never even heard that we should aspire to be a saint until well into my adulthood. I should raise the bar higher for me too!

  5. I remember when I first read Story of a Soul. And I read what St Therese wrote - that she realized that God gives us the desires that he wants to fulfill in us. That she had a strong desire to be a saint because He wanted her to be a saint.
    Doesn't he want all of us to be saints? After all, He wants us all to be with Him for all eternity.
    It changed my thinking, that is for sure. And so I too desire to be a saint.
    Thanks for reminding me of this, Michael!