Friday, March 29, 2013

Quick Bytes #52: Pain

Flogging:  "Iron balls caused deep bruising ... leather thongs would cut into the skin ... Blood loss was considerable and the pain would probably put the victim in a state of shock."

Carrying:  "The victim would carry their own cross bar ... weighing in at 75-125 pounds ... if the victim fell ... they would likely fall face first into the ground."

Crucifixion:  "The nails through the feet ... would (cause) excruciating pain through the legs.  The nails in the wrists ... would cause intense pain in the arms.  The wounds on the victim's back would push up against the rough centerpiece ... leading to more pain."

For us.

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  1. This is very powerful, Michael.

  2. Thank you Michael for this clear reminder.

    God bless.