Monday, September 24, 2012

The Gift of Knowledge

iPhone 5With the continual advancement of technology we have evermore ways of worldly things and ideas intruding on our spirit and knocking God out of our consciousness.  Today's meditation from Divine Intimacy tells us what we need to transform our earthly vision into a heavenly vision: the gift of knowledge.

This paragraph shows us how important the sacrament of Confirmation is because through it we receive this and six other gifts of the Holy Spirit that aid us in keeping God in the forefront of our daily lives as Colleen wrote about a few days ago.  It's another good argument for moving the sacrament of Confirmation up to around seven years of age as it was when I was young.  Get the kids started in good spiritual habits early.
When a soul is profoundly enlightened by the gift of knowledge, creatures no longer hinder its ascent to God, for whether considering their nothingness or the beauty with which God has endowed them, whether in giving them up or in using them through necessity, they always urge the soul on to God, inspiring it to seek Him and love Him, the one infinitely beautiful Being.
I am guessing that the people lined up at 1:00 a.m. the other day to be the first to get the new iPhone5,  whatever that is versus earlier versions, need the gift of knowledge.  And those of us who have it need to ask for the grace to put it into action all day every day.


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  2. You're right about not judging others, Sebastian. That's why I wrote that I was guessing. Technology is great as long as it doesn't become an end in itself. And I, personally, need a lot more knowledge. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I don't understand technology. I have a cell phone which also takes photos. Don't know why ... but that's a feature the phone people put on the phone. Whenever it rings I always press the wrong button and take a picture of my ear.

    Great post Barbara ... as always.

    God bless.