Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick Bytes #33: Forgive

"and forgive us our tresspasses, 
as we forgive those that tresspass
against us."

I say these words every day, but the
truth is, I sure hope God doesn't use my
forgiveness of others as a model for
how to forgive me!

God Bless.


  1. Good Lord ... I'm lost!

    Forgive us our tresspasses because You're merciful; not as we forgive others. Because we are useless at it!

    God bless, Michael.

  2. Exactly! Thanks for commenting, Victor.

  3. No kidding Michael! I wouldn't be the best role model in this category.

  4. It's so hard! I've been really working on this. I think I get caught up in not forgiving because I feel just in "punishing" someone by not forgiving them for their behavior. I'm better, but still really need to improve!

  5. My husband and I once gave a talk to a prayer group on the Our Father and this was one of my sections to talk about. It was the first time I ever talked publicly about being an incest survivor and I talked about the process of forgiving my father. And it really has been a process.
    We cannot really forgive these major kinds of hurts without the grace of God. We cannot do it alone.
    Thanks for reminding me of this. :)