Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick Bytes #42: Would You Come Here?

Would you leave the warmth of your couch to go to Antarctica right now?

Would you leave the safety of your neighborhood and enter the strife in Syria or Afghanistan?

Would you leave the love and freedom of your church to go to anti-Christian areas of India or Nigeria?

Of course not.  The difference between your home and those places is unthinkable.

And yet God left Heaven to dwell among us here on Earth - a delta that I'm sure is a million times greater.

It's just one more example of how much He loves us.

P.S. You can read my companion post to this here.


  1. Good point well made Michael.

    I sometimes wonder how many people realise the enormity of what they celebrate at Christmas. God came here on earth to be amongst us. When I think about it I find it so overwhelming.

    We have much to be grateful for.

    Praise the Lord.

    God bless you Michael.

  2. your article lifted my heart and soul- thank-you. I had s similar insight, comparing out relationship to ants and God's relationship to us.

  3. I was really struck by this. Thank you.

  4. Victor, Melanie, and Nancy - Thank you for your kind words. God Bless you.