Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Prayer To The Holy Spirit

Christ on the Way to the Desert: Dagmar Anders

Spirit of God,
As I begin this 40 day journey through the desert of Lent, be with me and guide me. Open my heart and soul to all You wish to teach me during these holy days.
With Jesus as my model and companion, may I give glory to God through my prayer, self denial and sacrifice.
Keep me from falling into the devil's snares. As I walk this road with Jesus to and through His Passion, may it lead to closer union with You who with the Father and the Son reign one God forever.

A Blessed Lent to all the contributors and readers of this blog.


  1. As I began praying this prayer (but before I looked at the author of the post) I thought to myself, "This sounds so something Karinann would write"...Thank you for sharing this with us to help us enter into this holy season in a prayerful way.

  2. Ah Judy, you know me so well :) This prayer is actually from my archives at Daughter of the King. I posted it back in 2010.
    Thank you for your kind and always encouraging words.

  3. What a perfect prayer to begin Lent with! Thanks, Karin!

  4. Thank you! I agree with Mary and Judy! :)

  5. A perfect prayer to start the Lenten journey.

  6. Beautiful prayer Karin!

    God Bless!