Saturday, September 22, 2012

Putting God at the Top of My List

I am one of those people who keeps lists. I like lists, especially Things To Do Lists. They help me to keep my life organized. And I like crossing things off my lists. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something, I guess. Makes me feel productive.

At the top of my list is God. Or at least God is supposed to be at the top of my list. God is supposed to be Number One. Always. I am supposed to think of God first before speaking. I am supposed to pray to God first, before deciding, before writing, before doing anything. Put God first and everything else will follow. Sounds good.

But for some reason God keeps sliding down that list and becomes Number 2 or maybe Number 3 or ... well ... you get the picture. I keep finding other things I need to do first. And then when things get a bit discombobulated, I wonder why.

The problem is, I sometimes put God on the wrong list. God is not a Thing to Do. He is no more a thing to do than kissing my husband good morning or telling my children I love them. God is not a task to be accomplished and then crossed off the list.

God is Love and Life and Light. God is my creator and my everything. God belongs in my heart, permanently, never to be crossed off.

Will I always remember to put God first? Nope. I will forget. But praise God, He never forgets. He has a way of reminding me of things. Works better than lists.

"For in him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28)

from my newsletter, Prayerful Morsels, February 2012


  1. If nothing else, I've learnt something new today. "Discombobulated" means confused. Something which I'm easily in a state of at all times. I've even had to look it up in the dictionary.

    Thank you for a brilliant post Colleen.

    God bless.

  2. I just love this. "God is not a thing to do." Something to make me stop and think.

  3. Victor, thank you! Discombobulated is one of my favorite words!!! It sounds like its meaning, doesn't it?
    God bless!

    Barb, I know what you mean. That is what I realized I needed to do! - Stop and think. God bless!