Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Reasons I Love Holy Week

1. The Triduum
Need I say more? These 3 days - Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday - are the 3 most important days of the church year. Through liturgy, we experience the death and resurrection of Jesus. Inspiring, holy, moving. Words are not enough. They are the highlight of my year.
2. Holy Week is, well, holy.

This week is special. This week is important. It is not business as usual. Holy Week brings my prayer life, my relationship with God, more front and center. My prayers are different. My priorities are different. It is Holy Week.
3. The end of Lent and the beginning of Easter.
Holy Week is the time I look back at Lent and I look at my life and check out my heart. Did I grow during Lent? Did I follow my initial plan for Lent? Did my prayer life change? Did my prayer life grow? Did I now remember to put God first in my life? Did I love my neighbor?
May you all have a blessed Holy Week.
first posted on my blog 4/5/09


  1. Great questions to ponder about on Holy Week Colleen! If we didn't take the time to reflect how we grew closer or farther way from Jesus, then Lent has little meaning.

  2. Oh I love the Triduum too! Even if I have had a dry Lenten experience, this week just brings it all together for me. The sense of deep loss and grief when the crucifix is covered and the tabernacle emptied..the Good Friday walk and meditating on His Passion, the joy of ringing those bells at the Easter Vigil. The absolute joy that seems to radiate through the church as we sing He is risen! I wish you a blessed Holy Week as well and all of God's abundant blessings.

  3. Noreen, amen to that! Thank you!

    Lisa Maria, Oh, I feel the same way. That joy at the Easter Vigil - there is nothing else like it.

    I will pray that all of you experience that joy this week! God bless!

  4. Colleen, thank you for this beautiful post.
    So true...this is a week to LOVE the Lord!
    Something I yearn for but have not reached a state in life where I can bring it to attendance at Daily Mass...The Triduum allows me to FEEL a bit of that grace as my son, Jake, 15, always serves at the Altar for all of the Holy Week get to be at Mass Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Easter Sunday! We keep the Great Silence from noon to 3 here at home and my husband tries to arrange his schedule so that he can be here with us...sometimes, I put "Jesus of Nazareth" or something similar on to help the youngest ones keep a quiet disposition for the 3 hours. This week, I will be pondering the wonderful questions you have posed here...and also, asking God to bless this Community of Catholic Bloggers, which I am SO BLESSED to be a part of!