Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Perfect Prayer

Our retreat master last weekend told us that the Mass was the perfect prayer. Amen. And it got me to thinking how much I miss going to daily Mass.
I used to go everyday when my boys were young. I would bring them to Mass and then to school and then I would go back to church to work in the parish office.
Now I am an empty-nester but we moved about 40 minutes away from our church. Mass is at 7 am and I work 10-hour days. And I spend a lot of my time off, writing and sharing about prayer and faith and Catholic spirituality.
So my days are long and I get tired. Eventually I got out of the “habit” of going to daily Mass and would only go occasionally, probably out of a feeling of guilt.
Then last weekend Father told me God wants ME. God wants me more than He wants my writing and my ministry.
God wants my attention. My presence.
My heart.
And so, back home on Monday, I got up early and I went to Mass. And I felt such joy and at peace about being back to daily Mass.
Tuesday, I went to Mass.
Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment and I was so disappointed that I had to miss Mass. I found myself looking forward to Thursday morning.
And that was when I knew.
I was not going out of some kind of guilt or fear. I was going out of need for God. And for love.
Love for Jesus. Love for the Eucharist. Love for this God who has given me so much.
And love for the Mass. The perfect prayer.
I do not know how long this will last. A few weeks. A month? Through Lent? Indefinitely?
I do not know. I just know that God is good. And God wants me, not what I do. And so here I am.
Back to daily Mass.


  1. Colleen,

    I have been attending daily Mass for the past five years and I could not imagine life without it! I struggled at first, and fought with God over, it but letting Him win and have His way with me was the best thing I ever did!

    You will be richly blessed for spending your time with God in this perfect prayer each day! Thank you for writing this!

  2. That's what brought me back to daily mass - love, not fear or obligation or guilty, because that just didn't sustain me.

  3. "God wants me...". What an incentive to rearrange priorities. Blessed Mother Teresa started every day with Mass and adoration as well as the Divine Office in community because she knew she could not give herself to the poor without first giving herself to God.

    Thanks so much for this post.

  4. Anne, I love how you put it - "letting Him win and have His way with me." I feel blessed already. Thank you!

    Maria, yes, I think that when love draws us, that makes all the difference. Thanks!

    Barb, thank you for that reminder about Mother Teresa. It is true that my whole day is blessed when I go to Mass. I notice a change in my attitude. And you are so right about that incentive. Thank you!

  5. Way to go Colleen! Seriously, way to GO!

  6. A wonderful example for all of us to follow!

    God Bless you, and prayers that you keep up the trend!

  7. Tricia & Michael, thank you both so much! God bless!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! I've been missing daily mass too, but will try to get back this week!

  9. Catholic Mama, thank you! Hope you are able to go. Even going just once or twice during the week can make a difference in my whole week. Such a gift. God bless!

  10. Daily Mass is a source of refreshment and such a beautiful gift given to us by God! I really miss it when I cannot go. My husband and I try to make it individually once or twice a week either by ourselves or with the older children. On special days we take the whole family. God is so good to give us the Mass and He always speaks to my heart through the readings/homily and the Eucharist. Thank you for this post!

  11. For the last year I've been going to mass one extra day besides Sunday. I think during Lent I'll try to go more during the week. Thank you!