Monday, September 12, 2011

God's Love Holds Me Up

"When I say 'My foot is slipping,'
your love, Lord, holds me up." (Psalm 94:18)
The Lord holds me up, no matter what is happening in my life. His love carries me and holds me and helps me to know I am not alone.
Sometimes I slip. Sometimes I fall. Sometimes I am afraid. But the Lord's love always holds me up.
Years ago my husband almost died from a blood clot after heart surgery. I remember waking up the morning after the crisis, lying in bed, unable to get up, paralyzed by fear and a sudden depression.
I prayed - Lord, help me up. I have to go to the hospital. I have to put on a good face for my husband and my children. Help me up, Lord. Please!
The phone rang. It could be the hospital, so I got up. It was a friend. All I could do was cry. I could not talk. I hung up and went back to bed.
Five minutes later, the phone rang again. This time it was my spiritual director.

"How are you?" he asked in that kind voice of his.
I fought back sobs. I told him about my husband. Then I told him of my sudden depression. He told me that sometimes all we have left is hope. We have to hang on to that hope, he said.
We talked for a few more minutes. He encouraged me. He cracked a joke. I laughed. When we hung up, I was smiling. My mood felt lighter.
I did not go back to bed. I went to the hospital to see my husband with a smile on my face and a song of hope in my heart.
Later it hit me. I had asked the Lord to help me up, and He did. He called my friends and they answered His call.
God's love held me up.
Praise you, Lord. Thank you for your Love and for always holding me when I slip and fall. Thank you for hope and for answered prayers. Help me to trust in your loving presence always. Amen.


  1. Colleen, this has happened to me before too, not in as big of a crisis, but in a moment of a smaller crisis, God has lifted me up and even when I prayed for a hug, I was hugged by a Priest, who is in the person of Jesus within the hour. Thank you for your post. It is these miracles, God working through those docile and open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit that he touches, literally sometimes, and by audible words of comfort at other times his beloved children when they are hurting. So big a blessing to be able to realize it, and thank Him for it!

  2. Thank you Colleen for this much needed post.

    God bless.

  3. Those phone calls were another "Blueberry Muffin" moment for you! (For any readers who have not yet done so, Colleen has a wonderful e-book called "Blueberry Muffins" which tells how God uses the things and people of our earthly lives to "give us hope and get in touch with us" in our moments of trial and's wonderful!)

    I am so glad that God sent you those phone calls.
    And, even more glad that your dear husband is in good health today!

  4. Colleen, thank you. And thanks be to God for His graces that help us to see Him in these moments.

    Victor, you are most welcome. :) God bless.

    Judy, you are so sweet! Thank you for mentioning my ebook. And yes, this was a Blueberry Muffin Moment! I had a lot of them when Rich was sick. I seem to see God most often in suffering. And yes, praise God that Rich is healthy now.

  5. God answered your prayers quickly, Colleen. I'm glad your husband is doing well too. You say such beautiful things about him on your blog and it is clear how much you cherish each other. Whenever you mention him on your blog it brings a smile to my face. Plus it's obvious that he knows that chocolate chip cookies are good for a woman's heart ;)

    Yes, definitely a Blueberry Muffin Moment!

  6. Mary, yes he does understand the benefits of chocolate chip cookies!! :)
    I am glad it is obvious how much we love each other. Thank you Mary.

    danardoyle, thank you!!

  7. what a great example of God answering prayers through others. Sometimes we miss those answers when they are right in front of us.