Monday, July 25, 2011

The Treasure Within

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. - Matthew 13:44
Meister Eckhart said that each person has a vintage wine cellar but they seldom drink from it.
The kingdom of God is here. Now. We are not always aware of it. We often walk around clueless, unaware of God’s presence in our everyday lives.
Then grace happens. Something wakes us up. And we are suddenly aware of the treasure hidden within. The pearl of great price.
When I went to Mass this morning, I was upset that I had not yet written the gospel reflection for today. I was tired and grouchy and not feeling very inspired.
After communion, our youth choir sang Our God Is An Awesome God. They built up to a loud chorus and then started singing a cappella. Slowly the song grew quieter and became more of a prayer of praise.
I started singing with them, praising God for all His goodness. And the next thing I knew, tears were running down my cheeks.
Sigh. Our God is an awesome God and He is here with me now. I need to go and sell what I have, let go of my wants and my to-do lists and my “should-haves” and focus on what God is calling me to do at the moment.
I need to let go of all that is not God so I can focus on the treasure within.
I need to get out of God's way.
Grace. Free gift. We don’t earn it and we don’t deserve it. And when we least expect it, we find it. That pearl of great price. That treasure buried in the field. 
That vintage wine.
Dear Lord, thank you for the graces you rain down on me everyday. Help me to live in the moment and let go of all that is not from you and to be more aware of the treasure within me. Amen.
first posted 7/24/11 on Thoughts on Grace blog


  1. Very thought-provoking. Many people live in a half-daze not realising that God is with them right here and right now ... only a prayer away!

    God bless.

  2. I love the way you put that: "get out of God's way".

    Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity said that "life on earth is eternity already begun".

    Don't you love that? I think it fits nicely with your post:)

  3. Victor, I agree. A lot of people think that the kingdom of God is "somewhere else." Sometimes I need a reminder too.

    Judy, I love that quote. And yes, it does fit perfectly. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)
    I have read that expression several times, about needing to get out of God's way, including from Mother Teresa. I try to remember it!

  4. I remember years ago in spiritual training that we were told to "live in the present moment". That's such a hard lesson to learn and it's taking me a lifetime. Whenever I am anxious or crabby, I am not living in the present moment but rather in some fantasy of how I expect things should be, which is usually something that pleases me and not necessarily God. This post renews my effort to live in the present moment.

  5. Barb, well said!! I so agree. Thank you.

  6. Hi Colleen, I love that song! Our God is an Awesome God. It always brings tears to my eyes too of gratitude, joy and awe. Music has such an ability to move me... I can hear and feel God's presence in song. I just love it!