Thursday, June 30, 2011

God Finds Us

"We have what we seek, it is there all the time, and of we give it time, it will make itself known to us." - Thomas Merton

We do not find God. God finds us.

The other day I was listening to another audio retreat, this one from Fr. Gillick. He talked about how we look for God and sometimes we think we find Him. But, Father said, in reality it is God who finds us. God comes to us where we are and makes His presence known to us.
As Merton said, We have what we seek. We are just not always aware of Him. We are not always giving God time to make Himself known.
I often seek God at the beach. I seek God at my church. I seek God in silence.These are places where I feel I so often connect with God. But it is really God who "finds me". It is in these "places" where I give God time. And it is these places where God often makes himself known to me.
I love this whole picture that Father Gillick paints here for us. The idea that God loves us so much, that he will chase us down, as the Hound of Heaven, that He will come to us where we are, and make His presence known to us.
We do not find God. God finds us. Because He loves us that much.

1st published on my blog 7/27/09


  1. Welcome to the Community Colleen.

    God bless.

  2. Colleen,
    I love this quote from Merton. We have what we seek. If we all only took the time to contemplate this. If the world at large knew this we would surely be headed to true "world peace" as God intended it.
    Thanks for this beautiful reflection and the link to the audio retreats.
    Hugs & Blessings!

  3. Hi Colleen! Great post! The Hound of Heaven is one of my all time favorite poems! Thomas Merton was an excellent poet, too. Thanks for the reflection and the link - God certainly found me :)

  4. Colleen, this is truly a perfect blog post, gets right to the heart of the matter. :)

  5. I love this post.

    It seems that we are looking for Him, sometimes blindly and in all the wrong places. He lets us see the emptiness for what it is - life without Him as our focus and goal. Then, kaboom!!! He shows us Himself in a way that is most meaningful and unmistakeable to us. We are no longer confused or in the dark. Praise Him for His mercy endures forever!

  6. Hi Colleen, what a great post to remind us that God finds us... who are sinful and so undeserving... how humbling to think He loves us that much!

  7. Victor, thank you!! I am glad I finally got my first post in!!

    Karinann, you are so right about having peace in the world once everyone knows they have all they need in God. Hugs back!

    Mary, thank you. God did indeed find you! And He found me too!

    Joan, thank you for your kind words.

    Barb, thank you. Love your kaboom! (Sometimes it does happen that way!) God is good.

    Noreen, thank you. I agree - very humbling.